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How exactly to logout from two websites while doing so- PHP Session control.

Suppose we have two websites & in numerous domains. The consumer information of both these websites is the same so we can log on to both these sites with the same userid and password.

Whenever a user clicks the logout key on subsequently we also need to record all of them from Both websites were available and signed in on the same web browser (on different tabs).

Is it possible to damage the period snacks of if the consumer logs out from

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Because two websites commonly discussing any login suggestions around, both is maintaining separate treatment facts, and also you cannot modify the treatment information of various other site.

A solution will be create an API that interacts to another site, to damage the treatment information.

Tab 1 : exposed “” and signed in as “alice”

Tab 2 : unsealed “” and logged chat room free nurse in as “alice”

—Now, having a “mutual log-out”, perform some following.—

Whenever you click “log out” in loss 1 (.com domain name), it will choose:

Similiarly, whenever you click “log out” in case 2 (.net domain name), it will head to:

I believe that will be obvious for your needs.

You’ll want an intermediary site or webservice that monitors user periods, i.e. typical to both internet sites and From both the web site you can have an ajax request every repair amount of time to evaluate the intermediary solution for your credibility of user period. If a person logs call at all one site the treatment would wreck. When the ajax consult off their webpages monitors it would see sealed session so because of this your write-in the signal to damage snacks or whatever you want it to manage.

These was how I do so in Drupal. When you use any CMS subsequently you will have a specific method to do this, nevertheless key design is exact same to support it in PHP conditions. When a person webpages become a login demand internally login to another webpages with provided account.

  • First login into site and and acquire cookie tokes etc. to proceed other stuff strongly related to the consumer’s demands.

Trial code is here now for Drupal CMS. You could get the concept the way it works and its particular functionality subsequently copy appropriate elements to work inside environment.

  • Second is actually perform name the logout address of more webpages to logout the consumer. Keep in mind that you need to used the cookie principles returned at the login name in case you make an ajax phone call out of your logout web page to the other web site then there is no services around.

In the event that you hunt Drupal website API to find out more concerning drupal_http_request system.

Wish this would assist you to get it done within planet with programing expertise with PHP.

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