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‘sofa man’ has taken over TikTok, triggering a debate about whether a college student duped on their girlfriend

TikTok’s “couch guy,” who went viral after a woman posted a TikTok “surprising” him at college, has responded to viewers’ speculation about his relationship.

The TikTok got posted finally thirty days by user Lauren Zarras, exactly who says she actually is the long-distance sweetheart of “chair man.” The video clip depicts her walking into just what is apparently a condo or university dormitory area, in which she finds men sitting close to three women. Upon the woman arrival, the person stacks up, as well as embrace. The videos, soundtracked by “Nonetheless slipping for your needs” by Ellie Goulding, was overlaid with book nevertheless, “surprising my personal sweetheart at college or university.”

“Robbie didn’t come with tip,” the caption of this TikTok reads.

Feedback in the original TikTok were inundated with people saying Robbie’s impulse got abnormally muted and alleging that the footage demonstrated different “red flags” regarding their partnership and recommended which he had been cheat.

Whether Robbie was actually thrilled to see his gf became TikTok’s top topic.

Because clip had been uploaded on September 25, it is often seen over 50 million days and lured the attention of companies and TV performers. With several thousand TikTokers duetting, stitching, exploring, and parodying the original video with memes, “couch guy TikTok” keeps exploded into its own subculture about software. The tag #couchguy features surpassed half a billion views, while #couchboy, another nickname when it comes down to subject and related clips, provides over 36 million horizon.

robbie didn’t come with idea

Some tips about what to know about the “chair chap” TikTok globe. The clip has started to become an integral TikTok meme

Users were contributing to what is dubbed “sofa kid slander TikTok” by searching for “clues” about Robbie with his relationships together with the some other feamales in their dormitory room.

One TikTok by consumer @halliefitzgerald moved viral after freeze-framing and zooming the original TikTok because, according to this lady, they shows that Robbie are wear another women’s tresses tie on his arm.

Zarras’ TikTok in addition started another pattern of customers parodying the initial video clip by pretending to-be the happy couple or by surprising their particular lovers, buddies, or family unit members.

Brand name accounts have around regarding the speculation also.

Trojan, the condom brand name, mentioned from the original TikTok questioning the “colored foils” that were available inside video. The Sour plot teenagers chocolate brand’s account commented: “sour subsequently sus.”

Barbara Corcoran of “Shark container” in addition said regarding the earliest, suggesting Zarras to state, “i am on.”

The argument even caused it to be to ‘the scene’

Latest Wednesday, panelists on the morning tv series “the scene” provided their particular take on the clip.

“I do not think shocks are a great tip,” variety bright Hostin said. “Especially when you are attempting to amaze a boyfriend which simply went off to university.”

Co-host Sara Haines defended Robbie, saying that whenever describing the video to the lady, Hostin had “made it appear to be he was like covered around these females.”

“He did not have a look that excited,” Hostin stated responding.

Lauren Zarras, whom posted the TikTok, has actually taken care of immediately conjecture

Ever since the TikTok was actually submitted, Zarras possess responded to watchers’ widespread speculation of “red flags” in her connection with a few follow-up TikToks and commentary.

In a pinned discuss the initial TikTok, Zarras penned, “breaks my cardio that folks can watch a particular minute and bring much negativity. Be sure to believe when you presume anything about my commitment.”

Answer @jizzzlleeh really love y’all ??

Plus duetting Robbie’s very own TikToks, Zarras said in one single follow-up videos on Sep 25 that users happened to be “driving [her] crazy” by theorizing that certain of this girls in Robbie’s dorm passed away his mobile to your inside the initial TikTok.

“These reviews are getting absurd and I also don’t know the reasons why you men become presuming really about our relationship,” she mentioned.

Most recently, she established to the lady 161,200 TikTok fans that “chair guy” t-shirts happened to be now for sale after she and her dad “considered it might be funny” to create some.

But numerous commenters mentioned that the clothing, which merely depicts Robbie seated in the couch, need to have had the three women sitting with him from the top too. Various other consumers appeared to mock Zarras with this, with one comment reading “perhaps not you trying to make an instant money off your own shame.”

She furthermore appeared on Monday’s episode of Alyssa Amoroso’s “beverage with Publyssity” podcast.

Zarras did not straight away react to Insider’s obtain opinion.

The exact ‘couch man’ advised consumers that ‘not things are real crime’ because they continuing evaluating the viral video

In a TikTok uploaded Saturday, Robbie responded to audience’ widespread accusations.

Before “sofa guy TikTok” became consumers’ preferred activity, the application is overrun with memes, song remixes, and parodies based on the “berries and solution” track from a 2007 Starburst commercial. Today, but appears that “chair guy” possess completely used the place for the “little chap” — something Robbie seems really aware of.

“chair man right here,” the on-screen text overlaying the famous settee study.”Ur welcome for getting u off of fruits & solution TikTok.”

The text proceeded: “[B]ut keep in mind, perhaps not things are true crime.” Robbie after that seemed to name watchers speculating about his commitment “parasocial creeps.”

The phrase “parasocial,” that is normally explained in the framework of “parasocial interactions,” means over-familiar, one-sided relations whenever one party runs most emotional hard work on another celebration whom they’re not close to and, quite often, is not conscious of their particular presence.

“Go find some fresh air,” Robbie put, before finalizing down by turning the digital camera around on themselves and starting a thumbs up.

During the caption with the videos, which was published Saturday, Robbie tagged Zarras’ profile and wrote, “I favor @laurenzarras, she actually is ideal.”

While the TikTok accumulated 3 million panorama, most users still mentioned these people were unconvinced. A few audience stated regarding the video saying he was “gaslighting” all of them, using the leading review by consumer @DontBeSadAlone reading: “Yes master, you are able to move this down, gaslight this lady and us.”

I enjoy @laurenzarras , she’s the greatest. ##couchguy

In a follow-up TikTok uploaded Sunday, Robbie straight responded to @DontBeSadAlone’s feedback. On-screen book review, “time for you to play: You never know exactly what gaslighting methods?”

He then showed a definition of gaslighting, before inquiring visitors, “have you been getting gaslit if. some one on the web orders you to get some outdoors after scrutinizing their own exclusive lifetime otherwise [. ] if . hundreds of strangers name your delusional for declaring knowing their commitment much better than they are doing.”

Robbie did not react to Insider’s request for review.