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Inside the anime, Fisheye had been offered in a similar manner to Zoisite (as an effeminate homosexual man)

indeed was actually arguably most effeminate than Zoisite. Fisheye had not been in a steady connection as well as over the course of Sailor Moon SuperS got keen on a few men, like Mamoru Chiba; he also was a regular cross-dresser and generally pretended to be a lady in order to try to draw in these guys. One exception to this rule for this was at the occurrence 140, as he dressed as one whenever pursing Yoshiki Usui, implying that Usui is openly homosexual himself. During the manga, however, Fisheye had a much more compact part, like a monster-of-the-day, and he attempted to entice Ami as a part of the lifeless moonlight’s programs.

Enthusiast Canon

Listed here are speculation among fans about feasible homosexual/bisexual direction among characters, through condition and innuendo, which typically noted in lover canon.


Fiore’s fixation with Mamoru Chiba during the Sailor Moon R movie has actually led a lot of followers in conclusion that Fiore got gay. Ami Mizuno recommended that Mamoru got well-liked by males in mention of the this for the R film, which led the other girls to jokingly name the woman kinky. But is very possible that the alien was only enthusiastic about Mamoru, as he was actually the sole pal Fiore could previously keep in mind having.

Live Activity Zoisite

For the live-action show, Zoisite is introduced to be safety of Prince Endymion to the level of obsession. He wished to separation Endymion and peacefulness, who the guy didn’t depend on. This led to the thought of Zoisite creating an unrequited love for Endymion becoming well-liked by fans. In contrast, their focusing of Sailor Venus at the girl time as decoy princess, with his subsequent cooperative effort along with her to split right up Usagi and Mamoru possess led some fans to indicates both had been drawn to one another. [3]

Yoshiki Usui and his awesome Associate

As has-been talked about, in event 140 Fisheye pursued the affections of a man (Yoshiki Usui) without approaching him in pull. This could show that Usui was openly homosexual (or at least recognized or thought become homosexual by Fisheye) and his awesome industry, trends concept, may also be stereotypically portrayed in fiction as being a vocation preference popular with homosexual males. There clearly was some implication that their assistant are their partner, or perhaps become keen on your, as Fisheye’s interventions triggered the 2 to row, additionally the two comprised at the conclusion of the episode after Fisheye kept. Furthermore, during the English dub the associate was actually defined as Yoshiki Usui’s uncle; [4] this modification happens to be stated by fans to get similar to the modification of Haruka and Michiru’s relationship to that cousins in the same dub. [4]

Saitou Sugao

The flamboyant and effeminate characteristics of Minako’s manager when you look at the live-action show, Saitou Sugao, features brought most fans to believe he had been intended to be offered as gay. This got not ever been confirmed downright on display.

Whilst the program’s protagonists and antagonists had been primarily female, especially in the later facts arcs, a number of males comprise provided as homosexual when you look at the show, moreso during the anime continuity than elsewhere.


Listed here are figures with a homosexual sexual direction that was explained in one form of the series’ canon.

Kunzite and Zoisite

Both of these Shitennou happened to be offered as homosexual enthusiasts inside anime, also it is mentioned in moving throughout the musical Sailor Moon – Gaiden Dark empire Fukkatsu Hen (even though it was left unclear in future musicals). Zoisite got recommended since more youthful, most immature associated with pair in lot of of his actions he sang for his commander and partner Kunzite. The two worked collectively on a few times and Zoisite used the suffix “sama” (?§?), a suffix which implies big admiration, when discussing Kunzite. When Zoisite had been murdered, Kunzite given your their last wish “to pass away attractively” and surrounded your with blooms; the guy additionally conducted a large grudge against wicked Prince Endymion who he held responsible for Zoisite’s passing. When Kunzite died, the guy known as away Zoisite’s identity. However, the manga couldn’t provide the 2 within this light, and also the components Collection refers to their particular union to be a lot more like regarding brothers.