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Stanford has actually an in depth coverage with regards to consensual sexual and intimate connections

between folks in naturally unequal jobs. If you find yourself this kind of a relationship—or contemplating getting involved in one—there are important danger, prohibitions, and demands that you should see.

This page addresses precisely the shows. The explanation and certain facts are important. Be sure to check the detailed rules.

This graphic representation supplies a convenient overview. Visit they for a bigger view.

Exactly what relationships does the policy prohibit or control?

Intimate or romantic affairs were PROHIBITED between:

  • instructors andundergraduate youngsters -even when the instructor will not show, estimate, or suggest the college student, currently or even in the long run.
  • educators and any children, when an instructor has already established -or could be envisioned ever to have-academic responsibility* during the some other party.
  • personnel in certain power parts (coach, academic adviser, house dean or man, etc.) and undergraduate pupils.

*See sidebar for types of strategies included in the name “academic responsibility”

NOTICE and RECUSAL will be required in intimate or enchanting affairs between:

  • people, whenever a person is instructing and/or evaluating additional.
  • sex staff (such as faculty) when you’ve got power around different, even when the union are consensual.

The beginner teacher, or employees with power or deeper power, must recuse him/herself and notify the manager to ensure that alternate evaluative or supervising plans could be used in position.

What makes intimate interactions between non-peers frustrated or prohibited?

Risks: These amateurmatch relations have the potential to include

  • Conflict of interest
  • Exploitation
  • Favoritism
  • Prejudice

Realities: this type of relationships may

  • Rot the rely on built-in in mentor-mentee connections.
  • End up being considerably consensual versus even more “powerful” people believes.
  • Feel observed differently by each one of the people, especially in retrospect.
  • Undermine the real or recognized ethics in the guidance or evaluation.
  • Change-over energy. Problems my area if attitude that was as soon as welcome is unwelcome.
  • Bring about 3rd party grievances whenever one-party seems to have an unjust advantage and/or even more the means to access the elderly individual.
  • Posses unintended, negative effects about climate of an academic or work environment, which may be reduced for other individuals, either throughout connection or after a break-up.


Problem to adhere to University rules governing sexual or enchanting interactions may lead to disciplinary motion up to and including dismissal, depending on the certain circumstances.

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