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Billionaire matchmaker shows the most notable traits their consumers look for in someone

With regards to real qualities, the male is the majority of interested in a lady’s smile. Image / 123RF

Perth’s billionaire Matchmaker, Louanne Ward, has become playing cupid for Australian Continent’s professional for longer than 20 years.

The successful relationship expert, who owns bespoke dating agency PMM and Associates, is paid up to $15,000 to find clients their perfect match.

Now, the self-confessed enchanting keeps uncovered exactly what males look out for in a woman after posing the question to significantly more than 200 men in her own ‘little black publication’.

“ladies in certain happen stating ‘in which create I meet a good chap and when I do, what is it that guys need?”,” Ms Ward stated.


“So I decided to create a reach out. I inquired guys to help me personally define the goals that guys see the majority of appealing in a woman and asked her four top real features and four top characteristics in a lady.

“After getting the results back from more than 200 visitors, we build the vast majority of and there are a handful of massive majorities.”

About bodily traits, the male is most drawn to a woman’s look.

“i’ve been preaching for your requirements girls permanently, possible never bring in men if you are frowning,” Ms Ward said.

“He’s not slipping obsessed about their frown. he is 100 per-cent slipping deeply in love with your own look.”

It’s no wonder that the second a lot of favorable actual characteristic is the eyes, accompanied by the bum.

“you do not need to know this females although rear, yep, the sofa, trumps your own boobs,” Ms Ward stated.

“So people find the a**e more attractive compared to bust you better get squatting. That is more significant to men. but of course the chest went a rather near fourth.”


Another bodily attributes people find specially appealing include thighs, long-hair, nice legs and better beautiful fingers.

Regarding emotional faculties, boys named intelligence as the most attractive.

“people need to talk to a female. They must think that she will have some sort of mental dialogue, this is really vital that you a man,” Ms Ward said.

“So boys get the a**e more appealing versus bust you much better get squatting. That’s more critical to men. but of course the tits went a tremendously close last.”

Others real characteristics guys see especially attractive include feet, long-hair, nice feet and really beautiful arms.

When considering emotional faculties, guys called intelligence as the most attractive.


“boys want to talk to a female. They have to think that she will have some type of mental conversation, this is actually crucial that you some guy,” Ms Ward stated.

“In my opinion sometimes we consider boys should not keep in touch with you nevertheless they do.”

Together with 2nd? Femininity.

“boys like a girl to get a girl. Girls that state ‘Really he can simply have to need myself when I am’. well no, the guy does not have to elevates while,” Ms Ward said.

“just what the guy actively seeks try someone which can exhibit the woman womanliness.

The next on the checklist had been playfulness, with Ms Ward discussing that guys like girls are lively and like somebody who “can have a good laugh at the lady self, tends to be by herself and never usually simply take lives therefore seriously”.


The next got a draw between humour and esteem.

We were holding directly accompanied by increased sexual interest at wide variety five.

“wide variety six was susceptability. A lady it doesn’t need certainly to always be entirely hard – self-confident but also prone,” Ms Ward mentioned.

After revealing the results, some people assented using what she needed to state.

“This is so that from the revenue. I might become therefore interesting to see just what females state positive and negative,” one man blogged.

“trial data appears to be good representation of males. In addition like dimples in a woman and indeed I go along with womanly and cleverness,” another put.